Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's called R*E*S*P*E*C*T

Next to the last day of school for my 13 year old daughter. We have had our issues lately which I assume is to be expected given her age and my sensitivity. She is excited to show me her yearbook which I am excited to look over with her. On the back cover, she has written the year "2011" a million times which is fine. It looks like it could almost be the cover and I understand she is trying to make it "her own". Next I see, "i ate a taco", "i eat tacos", and "i will eat a taco" written on the front......small thank goodness is all i can think. This is pushing the limits but she is silly and still trying to make it her own.

We open up the yearbook and to my surprise see a couple boys who's pictures are drawn over, horns drawn in, funny faces, etc. They are not recognizable. Now I feel like this has gone to far. I have made myself clear in the past that I don't agree with this behavior.....and it's just straight up mean. I know these boys and understand that they have hurt her feelings but why should she stoop to their level? Not to mention the fact, that I AM THE ONE WHO WROTE THE CHECK for the yearbook-not her. My money.....wasted-again. I swear I am speaking another language to her. It's as if everything I say to her is complete nonsense. I mean everybody does it so what's the big deal? She then tells me that she made sure to tell everyone before they signed her yearbook not to use foul language. REALLY? and this is suppose to be a proud moment.....I don't get it. Do these other parents just not give a shit? Who can't sign a friends yearbook without writing foul language? Did I mention these are 7th graders????

Oh and I should be happy that she didn't come home covered in ink. Some of her friends were "signed" by friends all over; arms, legs, god knows what else. WHAT??? She said yeah, she didn't let anyone because she knew I would be so mad. WHY would she want ink all over her? Why do they have to sign each other's bodies? I mean really? Where is the respect for your friends and MOST IMPORTANTLY your body?

Someone, please tell me high school is better than middle, PLEASE!


  1. Our school has a uniform and on the last day of school in year 12 they have a day where they're allowed to write on their uniforms as a souvenir. It's a lot of fun. As a teacher, it's a compliment when they ask you to sign their uniforms. Sometimes I even have kids I've taught in previous years hunt me down to hand me a marker. It's a nice little tradition.
    The yearbook thing? It's not such a big deal here. We just have a school magazine.

  2. Thanks for the comment! After speaking with my husband when he got home today, I'm not SO mad anymore about the yearbook thing. Afterall, it is hers but still annoys the hell out of me. As far as boys writing all over her legs or arms though-she better refrain again from letting them do that:)