Friday, June 17, 2011

The Challenge or lack thereof

Let me start with a little history on the subject. My husband and I have had an amazing sex life. For a little while, we had as many children as we did years of marriage and more! We are not shy with each other and are open to trying new things as long as we keep our respect for one another. We will celebrate 5 years of marriage in two months and have 3 children of our own. I have been pregnant as many months in our marriage than not being pregnant. Now that is exhausting to think about!

After our 3rd baby together (4th child), I had no interest in sex and was a little concerned. Our daughter was barely 7 weeks old but I knew that sooner or later my husband may question why we weren't having sex since the "6 week" period of time your OB recommends had passed. We eventually did have sex when she was about 8 weeks old but I still wasn't craving like in the past. Geez-no wonder though....we are are physically and mentally drained.

So one day I get an email from my husband playfully asking me if I would be interested in trying the "7 Day Sex Challenge". Honestly, I thought about telling him how ridiculous I thought this was since he is usually the one that is asleep and says no (he goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 4am) but I just agreed to do it.
We had sex that evening and yes it was terrific. But we didn't the next day or the day after that and so on. We are extremely busy-seriously some days we don't even have a 5 min conversation. Whether we are chauffeuring one of our kids to and from practice or just the simple fact that we can't get a word in with the kids speaking.

I'm thinking about attempting this challenge with my husband again but maybe not when we have a newborn and 2 other children ages 2 and 4. Who knows maybe if we just wait a couple of months and revisit the topic-the results could be different! What I do know is that the more my husband and I have sex, the nicer, more respectful, and more aware of each other's feelings we are. AND HAPPIER!!!

If you ask me, it's worth it! It's too easy to get caught up in your routine and the everyday stresses and at least in my case, the person who I love the most in the world (beside my children) and consider my best friend is the same person that I jump on the second he walks in the door from work because I need a break!

Have you and your spouse tried the challenge?

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