Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1st trip to er with my second daughter

It was suppose to be a quick trip to target and it ended up being a very long drawn out day in the emergency room. I had my son in the big part of the shopping cart, my youngest in her carseat in the front of the shopping cart and my almost 3 year old who wanted to lie flat down on the bottom of the shopping cart which she has done before. now i understand why it's not such a good idea. I'm not sure if she was trying to grab something or simply wanted to get off but put her hand out/under/in front/on the floor (I JUST DON'T KNOW) and sure enough I kept pushing and could feel that I ran over something and then heard the scream.

Oh my poor baby, what have I done? I quickly picked her up. Her index finger was white which speedily turned to a blue and then red.....red with blood and the  fingernail had a mind of its own. I quickly ran to the nearest bathroom while holding her and pulling the cart with my other 2 children to get a paper towel to hold over it. I thought the less she saw, the better. Obviously, we left right away and headed to an urgent care which was less than a mile away who then sent us out and heading to the hospital emergency room.

This is when I started to panic because the hospitals close to us are not very reliable and you have to drive a way to get to a respected one. but i also had to run by the house to get insurance card, snacks for kids, and most importantly, bottles and formula!!!

It was a long 5 hours in the waiting room but I proud of how my baby did even if she did scream pretty darn loud.....hell i would too if it were me and acceptable for adults to! There may have been some quirky employees there but there were also ones who showered my kids with Popsicles, coloring books and crayons, drinks, etc. The guy who told me they must not have paid their cable bill when I asked about why the kid channels weren't working probably should have kept that bit of information to himself.

we walked away without a broken finger but also walked away without a fingernail and came home with a pretty soft pink cast. I remember thinking how I even thought about going to nursing school years ago but after just seeing my little girls finger today......I'm not so sure i would have been able to handle that. maybe i would feel differently if it weren't my child injured, who knows?

hospital er visits to date: 7 (this # includes all children)

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